Thursday, 25 May 2017

Continental Kennel Club: What Is It?

It’s highly likely that if you’re reading this article, you’ve never heard of Continental Kennel Club ever before. So, what is CKC-USA and what does the organization do? Continental Kennel Club is an all-breed canine registry that works to make it simple to register dogs of any breed. The nationwide organization is composed of dog training experts, experience breeders, passionate dog owners, and professional partners, all of whom work in concert to provide a source of information for all dog owners and breeders alike.

Whether you just got your first dog or you’re an experienced dog breeder who has been doing it for decades, Continental Kennel Club can help you by providing resources or information for whatever you need. If they don’t know, they’ll help you find out!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Registration services from Continental Kennel Club

Dogs big and small, tall and short, fat and skinny, young and old are all welcome for registration on Continental Kennel Club. This online resource extended to canine owners provides a valuable, customized system for keeping track of pets, including new puppy litters. Registration services are specialized is best meet the needs for different owners -- from puppy registration for new pets and breeders to adult dogs and whole litters.

No matter what kind of dog, registration through Continental Kennel Club provides numerous benefits. This service allows for easy proof of ownership to all owners, including official certification, including a puppy birth certificate. Owners and breeders discover an advanced, simple, easy-to-use, updateable system that can be changed as needed for pets. Additionally, forms and the registration process is quick and convenient with swift turnaround on paperwork for single dogs and new breeding litters. Live customer service representatives are also available for any inquiries that may arise. Several membership and registration benefits exist beyond the service itself, such as discount coupons and products, access to sanctioned events by Continental Kennel Club and even options for unique pet packages.

Registration is more than simply accounting for a pet online with Continental Kennel Club; it’s access to multiple pet benefits that are valuable beyond measure in the lifetime of an animal, during the process of breeding and for the wellbeing of a pet within a family.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

About Continental Kennel Club

Since 1991, the top canine registration service in the world has been offered by Continental Kennel Club. They reached this plateau of success by offering the world's most effective and affordable canine registration services and products. The club runs field trials, performance events, and breed evaluation shows for their club members and breeders all over the United States. Holding these events all over the United States shows their dedicated to both their club members and to the wider world of dog breeders and owners. The Continental Kennel Club has worked hard to educate their club members, as well as the general public, about the needs of canines. This enables individuals to have much better relationships with their dogs. Through these educational efforts, they raise awareness about the issues facing canines, their owners, and breeders. They utilize direct mail, magazines, training seminars, and an online presence to this end.

Continental Kennel Club is one of the largest canine registries in the world, thanks to hundreds of thousands of registrations each year. This large number of registries results from Continental Kennel Club's reputation for being the most efficient and effective record keeper in the industry. They even offer their club members free litter registration—a service which proves they go above and beyond the call of duty for their members.